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French cuisine cooking turned into art. No other kitchen does not attach such significance to detail, like the classic French cuisine. France famous for its variety of cuisine and numerous regional dishes. This diversity provides climate, soils and topography of France. In the north, prepare nourishing of foods grown on site and game.

Hohpot hot and as popular here as well as soups. Very fond of rabbits and hares, wonderful dishes prepared from them. A large number of rivers iportov provides local residents with fish.

Especially here like herring, eel, and mussels. In central France cuisine is very simple. It is added to many dishes mushrooms, beef, veal. Local cuisine is famous for its smoked ham, smoked sausage, blue cheese.
In the south - west of France are a province and Gyuyenn Gascony.

These are real bastions of French cuisine. Bordeaux is the capital and here Gyuyenn wine is part of almost all the local dishes. Bordelez a sauce based on flour passaged with red wine. It is served with fish, eggs, poultry and meat. The city of Perigueux is served truffles and goose liver. This part of France is widely known for white mushrooms.
Normandy produces the fattest country in dairy products such as cheeses Camembert and Pont levek. Invariable ingredient of Norman cuisine - sour cream. The fish here prefer to use herring, mackerel, halibut, and whiting. In Normandy, cook excellent meat products, including blood sausage and veal sausage.

You can tell a long time about the features of French cuisine. However, the most complete picture of it you get if you try to do French cuisine. Recipes of some of these dishes you will read on.